Not about green life. Perhaps Green mind?

Been in your pajamas all day? Complaining about how your day got ruined because your mom forgot to make you favorite breakfast?

It irritates me to see people constantly complain about how their day got ruined because of one thing or the other. Do I do the same thing, yes I do. Do I plan on doing something about it, yes I do. I’m not a morning person, so every time I get off the bed, I’m cranky, sleepy and probably cursing everything and everyone. We have 24 hours a day, how many of us actually use 50% of it? You can spend your day like a robot and complain why you’re day isn’t better or you could actually give a damn about other people, help them out a little bit, try not to be a complete @#$& , do something productive or helpful and come back to your home feeling a tiny bit better about yourself.

If we constantly focus on just ourselves we’d have very little reasons to be happy. Do something, make a difference and then maybe you could sit back and feel good about yourself. Help someone in need. Tell your friends they are important. Stop looking at the mirror and maybe look at your friend for once. Try keeping the phone away next time somebody tries to talk with you. In short , be someone you would respect. Become a person who is honest, worthy of respect and most of all loving.

Why did I bring this up? Its quite simple, we have all come to this point where kindness is a miracle and being selfish is a survival adaptation and self explanatory. How many times have you asked somebody to shut up? How many times have you cursed for no reason at all? How many times did you try to make someone smile today?

These are all pretty simple questions we can ask ourselves. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a kind person. And honestly, the world could use a little bit of kindness and love.

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