When Do we usually care?

We all care too much don’t we? We work the extra hour, we study until we get validations, we run to relieve the stress, we try to stay updated with everything, we constantly try to improve. Its lovely that we do care about all these little things, it’s just a little odd that we care about things that are specific to just us.

Do I think that’s bad? no. Do I think we need to seriously reconsider things we prioritize, uh huh!

We’ve all build our four walls, a space where everyone and everything except high-speed internet is restricted. We’re basically turtles trying to make our shells pretty. This is partly because we have convinced ourselves that beyond those walls, there isn’t much worth investing time in. So we keep watching all those YouTube video about how to organize an already arranged place to make it more ‘liveable’. Some of us also take drastic steps like adopting a pet or getting a plant. In our attempts to beautify this personal space, also popularly known as ‘home’, we keep forgetting to look out our windows.

While we struggle to hang that frame with a picture of Iceland on it, we forget to enjoy the annoying crappy city we’ve gotten too used to. We spend hours to make sure everything is in its place and to keep our homes clean, how many times do we think of the same while stepping out. We live with this bizarre idea, one I fail to understand, that it’s okay to litter, spit and avoid using dustbins in public spaces because you don’t live there.

If cleaning your house comes naturally to you, then not dirtying the public should be instinctive. This includes not peeing on the walls (what on earth is that about anyway), not throwing down that cigarette butt (because one bad choice is enough, really), not using plastic and just being a responsible and sound person in general.

While speaking with a college student, I happen to discover one of the most fascinating responses to “why don’t you care?”, to which he responded, “I do care but then again… there are people to clean garbage. Also how am I supposed to pick waste from the ground in front of everyone.” It’s interesting to me how we are all extremely self-aware and conscious when we are asked to pick up waste and dispose it rightly but somehow extremely shameless when we do litter.

So here’s what I think we should do, while we clean our rooms and try to make our space ‘homely’, let’s try to make our public spaces clean as well. We could do tiny things like :

  1. Carry the waste home if you don’t find a dustbin
  2. Always carry a cloth bag, don’t use plastic
  3. Don’t litter. Take the trouble of finding a bin
  4. Use public toilets, they exist for a reason
  5. Take public transport, or try to.
  6. Find ways to reduce producing waste

And most importantly, consider it your right, to TELL EVERYBODY WHO

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