It’s Never Too Late To Care

Picture this – bright blue sky with calm clouds swaying with the wind, dark and light green grass, tickling your feet every time you try to wiggle your toes. The flirty wind touching your skin, running through your hair and as you stretch out your hands to feel it, passes through the gaps of your fingers and then slowly runs away from attachments. Just as the whisper of wind leaves your ears, a chirping of a strangely familiar birds from a distance. The buzzing sound of the bees, they’ve started their work too early while the butterflies keep chasing each other, it’s too beautiful to be working anyway, right? Now allow yourself you breathe in this beauty, the slight chill you feel between your nostrils, clear light air, carrying the faint smell from the flowers, do you identify it? Let it out slowly, let yourself relax and consume all that’s around you because let’s be honest, that’s not going to be real for much longer.

Long gone are the days when we could sit down and take in a view with a deep breath, today we just run around covering our noses with masks and hope to fly to our destination because leave flowers, we don’t even have the luxury of scentless air, its all perfumed with premium wet waste odor, with a pinch (or sometimes the whole jar) of sewage smell and just to ensure that it is strong enough, we also have a million vehicles smoking out thick black gas.

So how’d we get here? Sure we evolved too much and invented a whole bunch of things to our credit but how many of them came back crashing on us? Lets not go down the tragedy lane. It’s simply depressing to look through history and ponder upon all that we’ve screwed up. So for a change, let’s look at things we’ve done right.

While we have the fastest and ‘coolest’ sportscars on our roads, we also have affordable as well as luxury electric cars that make sure you can drive to places without gifting nature the warm black smokes (the cuter name for carbon monoxides and nitrogen oxides). We now have solar energy options because it’s unlikely for hydroelectricity to function for much longer. There’s an eco-friendly option for just about all our daily needs like – utensils, packaging items, storage options, personal care, etc.

Companies like package free, bamboo India are quite popular in their contribution to ensuring a greener and waste-free lifestyle by providing consumer options and alternatives to products. There are indoor plant varieties being sold almost everywhere, smoke filters made available, glass, steel, and wooden items sold at cheaper rates, cloth bags being sold in supermarkets but what good it is if nobody understands the need for these?

Having these alternatives come to you at your doorstep if you’re willing, would mean nothing if you don’t understand the gravity of the matter. While taking plastic bags, if the thought of it suffocating a sea animal occurs to you, would you still buy it? While asking for that straw, if you think of all that contaminated waste, would you still choose to not drink it directly from the cup? When you hear about how plastic toothbrushes do not decay or get recycled and form enormous plastic domes on various wastelands, do you think of switching to wooden or wheat-fiber ones?

Because if you find joy in ignorance, then sure, enjoy your little plastic palace and let it slowly drown you. But if you see the beauty in nature and believe that you can make a difference then don’t use plastic. Don’t let people say ‘you care too much’ or ‘are you crazy or something?’ when you try to reduce waste because while the crowd waits for waste disposal system to do some magic and turn toxin to trees, you could make the change, however little it may seem. Nothing is more classy than caring about the right things and taking the effort for the same.        

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