Why are environment issues mainstream?

As species who place themselves above the eco-chain, it is inevitable for humans to not participate in everything that goes about in the world, both green and grey. Through the recent years, there have been loud attempts to increase awareness amongst people about the nature of impact we have on everything we touch. From our deepest oceans to the mountain tops, we’ve left an imprint, one that we mustn’t be proud of. Disturbing all that co-exists and still expecting minimal disturbance for our comfort is probably just one of our many hypocritical acts.

We stand at a time and place where we know the consequences to our actions and yet somehow convince ourselves to remain passive. We may not seem to care about the pile we add to this nurturing planet but we sure complain every time it behaves undesirably.

This is where write-ups come in hand. We know that we’ve been conditioned to not care about nature although that’s all we’ve read growing up. Adults, with their adult problems, often forget what the purpose of awareness truly is. People who share an interest in matters related to the environment and take the time to write on it usually have one of the two aims. Firstly, to make readers understand what their actions result in and secondly, what actions to take, both aspiring to build a crowd that shows gratitude to this ever giving planet, and respecting its limitations.

So why must one read up on environment write-ups? Problems like the use of plastic, petrol, or any other material that we believe have no substitute and are the foundation of a comfortable life can be broken down with the help of such write-ups. Furthermore, there is an ease of transitioning from a careless lifestyle to one where one makes conscious efforts to make minimal damage to nature and live sustainably.

Lighter write-ups that present complex information by breaking it down in a way that it facilitates broader and better understanding amongst all who seek information regarding the same. For all the clusters that exists, there’s almost always a simple solution, one that needs to be brought to light for the masses to use as the guiding force.

Tutorials on how to live green, promotion of organic farming, books and other write-ups on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, advertisement of eco-friendly products and services are all functional steps that help achieve a better standard.

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